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2016-10-29 11:48:02 by tailsmilesprower4560

So, like, I was inactive for couple of months, uh. I know, that I neglected my duties.

But, no worries there. I will still be here when I will be able, I cant be able all the time. And that means, that I-m SORRY!

Also, you can still send me propositions what should I make(art or shared creations). If shared creation, tell me what a game do you want.

Yeah, this is question for those, who played mine shared creations or/and viewed my art, or marked my comments a s helpful. Tell me, should i make more shared creations or/and art? If yes, tell me what games and what an art you want. I'm open for all propositions! ;)

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2015-08-14 05:27:19 by tailsmilesprower4560

Welcome! Here, on my userpage, u can see mine newest shared creations, become my fan, or see what games and movies i do like. Nice day, I wish!